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How to view detailed information for both contacts and outlets

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Within Agility’s Discover Contacts, users can identify and vet potential contacts or outlets to add to your targeted lists and/or use for future releases and distributions. The contact and outlet profiles are a powerful tool that can assist users with this. You can even add your own private details and preferences to profiles.

Once a search has been entered, the list of potential contacts or outlets will be displayed in the centre of the screen. Users will be able to see some key information at a glance which includes:

  • Contact name

  • Contact job role

  • Outlet name

  • Outlet location

  • Outlet’s audience reach or unique visitors

You are also now able to add your interactions with the contacts, which is shown here.

On the righthand side of the screen, an expanded contact or outlet profile will display for any contacts selected within the search list as seen below:

Contact card within discover contacts

The contact card can be viewed from the main search results page or opened in its entirety by selecting the Expand Profile button above the editorial profile.

The contact profile includes information on both the contact and their associated outlet. Information visible on the contact profile includes:

  • Editorial Profile

  • Job Role(s)

  • Links to websites and social media profiles

  • Outlet address

  • Audience reach (of the associated outlet)

  • Domain authority (of the associated outlet

  • Subjects the contact covers

  • General target audiences

  • Languages they publish in

If the contact is a contributing reporter to multiple outlets, we will be able to select the different outlets that they write for. To do this, we must select from the drop down as shown below:

We are also able to view additional information from a contact profile including:

Outlet Details: Similar to the contact profile, this tab lists information pertaining to the outlet the contact works for including location, subjects, audience size and contact information among others.

Lists: This tab will show the user if the contact or outlet has been added to any lists in the past. This can be useful when creating a new list as finding the media contact on existing lists may be a good indication that there is overlap between the lists the user is creating, and thus, it may be useful to view the original list to see if any other contacts may be appropriate for the new list.

Recent Coverage: This tab will show any online articles that the contact has written in the last three months. This can be used to gain a general understanding of how the contact writes and can be instrumental in deciding whether the contact is right for our lists and future distributions.

Social Feed: Similar to the recent coverage tab, this section will show past social media posts and can be leveraged to help gain an understanding of what the contact is passionate about, their stance on particular issues as well as how they write.

Interactions: Here you can track interactions with journalists and influencers by adding details of your emails, phone calls, or other messages.

If you are also an Agility Monitoring user, you will also be able to save any coverage seen on the profiles into your monitoring folders or tags.

The video below illustrates these tabs, located on the right hand side of the screen:

Agility also displays associated and affiliate titles within any media outlet profile. This enables you to begin with any title and easily identify bureaus and sections associated with that title, which may be a better fit for your media targeting. For example, The New York Times profile displays 40 affiliate outlets and sections.

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