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What is the difference between a Social Topic and a Subscription?

Agility users that have access to our Monitoring platform will be able to monitor social content using Subscriptions. If you also have Social Listening, that means you have access to two methods for monitoring social coverage, one under Social and one under Monitor > Subscriptions.

Exactly the same social networks and content is available to both, and by adding a social network as source in a Monitoring topic, you can draw in content from subscriptions and/or Social Topics.

However, there are some differences with what you can do with that content.

  • Subscriptions - Can be added as a source to alerts and briefings; mentions can be saved and edited

  • Social Topics - Single searches can cover all networks; deeper analysis available on impressions, engagement and trends (Understanding Social Listening Analytics)

Both can be included in Reports, although Social Topics have access to deeper analysis.

What is meant by previous period?

Whichever period is specified in the date range filter at the top of the Analytics screen, the previous period will be the same length of time, prior to the current period. E.g., current period is 'Last 3 days'. Previous period is 4-6 days ago.

How do I create and export a social media monitoring report?

Reporting will be available within a few weeks, by the end of July 2022. Agility will offer similar analysis in reporting as we see in the dashboards, with the ability to create custom reports for sharing via HTML reports or PDF reports.

Can I save a social mention?

You cannot currently save a mention within Social Listening, but all analysis and reporting will be possible without needing to save individual mentions. Users that have access to Agility Monitoring will be able to see their Social content in any matching Monitoring topic searches and save it there.

Can I edit a sentiment?

Not within Social Listening. Users that have access to Monitoring will be able to see their Social content in any matching Monitoring topic searches and save and edit it there.

How many social topics can be linked under a theme?

Up to eight.

Can I limit a keyword search within a specified handle only?

Once you have generated a set of results using your keywords, you can use the filters on the Post Feed and in Analytics to isolate the results from a specific handle or handles. Likewise, you can monitor a handle and then filter the results by keywords.

Is there any content that it is not possible to monitor?

Instagram: Reels

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: Video posts will only show if keywords are matched on any comments around the video.

Facebook: Cannot monitor private groups in Facebook, only public pages and public profiles.

What do Moderated and Standby mean?

The system will moderate Social Topics that have an extremely high rate of ingestion. Usually this is due to very broad keyword queries. Moderated Social Topics can be reactivated by the user, but it is recommended that they assess their keywords before doing so.

All Social Topics will go into "Standby" when they have no quota to consume and will be reactivated automatically on the 1st of the next month when the quota period resets and/or new quota becomes available.

Understanding and Managing your quota

Every account has a quota of social mentions that it can generate each month. Your topics draw from that quota throughout each month and then on the first day of each month the quota is reset.

Your topics will begin to consume your quota as soon as they are active and are generating mentions in your account. You can pause your topics at any time, which will stop them from generating mentions and consuming your quota.

In the account shown below, my mentions are consuming mentions at a rate of 32.8% of quota. My total quota is 150,000 mentions per month and so far I have consumed 1588 (1% of quota). I have 30 days until my quota resets on August 1st. If this rate of consumption stays consistent for 30 days, I will consume 32.8% of my quota.

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