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Agility enables you to generate and share attractive reports displaying data charts that demonstrate coverage, impressions, engagement, sentiment, trends over time and much, much more.

You can create reports displaying coverage from individual social topics and themes, and choose from a large selection of charts to compare topics and themes against each other, analyse trends and identify the impact of your coverage.

If you are a monitoring user, you are able to combine all of your social reporting with your other media types such as online, broadcast and print. If you have your Google Analytics connected to Agility, you can also include the relevant charts within your social report.

There are line charts, bar charts, pie charts, maps, word clouds and more!

To create a report within Agility, go to Report and New Report.

The range of charts available will be specific to the content you are monitoring. To populate your report, select Add Chart and make a selection from those available.

Every chart is highly customisable, allowing you to set the title, date range, data sources, colour and, for social, the analysis metrics such as impressions, engagement rate or volume of mentions.

You can create a whole series of charts, depending on what you need to see, and use either comparison charts....

or the same chart again and again to compare similar metrics for different sources...

....or compare different analysis metrics across the same source.

You can add PR Events to your coverage trend charts, allowing you to highlight your events and activities to earned media coverage trend charts.

Once you have saved a report you can create an interactive and shareable report

(for instructions click here), or export and share the report.

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