NB - As part of our product development, Agility currently provides two versions of our targeting platform. If the screenshots below do not match the appearance of your Agility account, please use this collection for the correct help articles http://help.agilitypr.com/en/collections/753051-discover. Please ask Agility Support if you have any questions.

Agility allows you to search for people and/or outlets, and create lists of contacts or Outlet newsdesks that you can use for your media outreach. This article explains how to use the different available fields to create a list of Outlets, which you can contact via their general newsdesks rather than targeting individual contacts.

Select Discover > Discover Contacts > Outlet Search and you will see this screen.

The many available options are clearly labelled. Agility allows you to target the specific outlets by name, by location and the region of their target audience, and by the subjects that they cover. The Covering dropdown also enables you to search by keyword by matching your search terms to their actual published content.

A good place to begin is by selecting the subjects that you are interested in, and combining this with the Target Audience Region field under outlets. In this search I am targeting outlets that cover subjects related to children and whose audience is the United States.

If I type 'children' into the subject field, I will be shown all subjects that contain that word.

However, if I select browse all and type 'children', I not only see all of the subjects that match but also any other subjects that may be related to children.

Select the subjects that would be relevant from the check boxes and click on Apply selected.

Then select either the “location” or “Target Audience Region” you would like to cover.


Target Audience Region:

Agility is showing me that these search terms are returning 52 results.

You can apply search refinements to narrow down on media types, format, target audience and market sector. For definitions of the various categories,

click here: Understanding Media & Product Types.

By clicking on search, we are presented with the results.

It is a good idea to save the search so that you can return to these results again and again. Every time you check the search, Agility will return up to date results and allow you to filter to display new and updated contacts.

By clicking on any of the results, I see the outlet profile on the right-hand panel, which I can expand to reveal further information. The blue icons alongside the profile take me to their staff details, any of my lists the outlets are already on, their recent coverage and their social media feed.

The filter function indicated by the blue funnel above the results includes all of the fields on the search set-up page, and you can also filter by audience reach and status, if you're looking for new contacts. You can apply any of these filters to your search if you wish to narrow or fine-tune your results.

If you want to check whether the outlets are already on any of your lists click the dropdown menu above the outlet profiles which says 'Select List(s) to add contacts to' when you hover over it. Then select the list you wish to check the outlets against.

In the screenshot below, “Footwear News” has a blue tick against the outlet profile to show me that it is on my chosen list, “Children’s Clothing”.

To add any outlet to a saved targeted list, I simply select the outlets and the orange icon to add to list(s). With 'Children's Clothing' already selected, “Book Riot” will be added to that list. If no list is selected, I am presented with the option to select from all lists or create one anew.

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