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Monitoring TV and radio using subscriptions, and saving broadcast media mentions
Monitoring TV and radio using subscriptions, and saving broadcast media mentions
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The TV and radio content that Agility receives from TV Eyes can be incorporated into your monitoring topics alongside the content from all of our other media types.

To ensure that you are receiving the exact content that you need, first you need to set up a subscription in Agility for the TV Eyes content to be made available. The process is very simple.

Once you have a subscription set up, you can view and manage mentions either within the subscription itself, or pull your content into a topic, which allows you to view your broadcast content alongside your other media types.

Subscription Set up

  1. First, navigate to Subscriptions on the left hand menu. Then choose which platform you'd like to search by selecting the appropriate radio button - here we are looking at TV / Radio. To read about social media subscriptions, click here.

  2. Enter your search terms in the boxes available, depending on your requirements. It is best to use a small number of specific keywords for each search. On the right-hand side you can limit to one media type if you prefer, and you'll see your search terms laid out with the logic that will be used to submit the query.

  3. When you have entered your search terms, hit save, give the subscription a name and then select 'Activate' to begin the subscription.

  4. You can select 'View Mentions' to see the results directly within Subscriptions. However, it's important to note that these subscriptions are not retroactive without specifically requesting a backfill (see below). Once you set up a subscription, Agility will begin 'pulling in' matching posts from that moment forward. So you might want to pop back later to see the results.

  5. Results can be viewed and managed within your subscriptions. If you have broadcast selected on a topic with matching search terms, then the results will also be visible in your topic.


    As mentioned above, it's important to note that subscriptions do not run retroactive searches.

    To request a backfill, edit an activated subscription and click this icon on the right-hand side:

    At the bottom is a button saying 'New Backfill'. Click that and then specify how far back you need content from. You can backfill up to 90 days of content.

Viewing, saving and editing broadcast mentions
(An article on archiving broadcast mentions indefinitely can be found here.)

Viewing - To view or listen to a mention, select it within your set of results, which you can find by viewing mentions within any subscription or topic. The mention selected presents the clip on the right hand side. By clicking play you can watch or listen to the clip.

Saving broadcast mentions - To save a broadcast mention, check the box to the left and then Save in the toolbar at the top.

The mention is then part of your saved coverage, which allows you to edit the clip if you choose. Saved mentions stay in your account with the content available to play for 30 days. (The metadata and mention details remains in your account for reporting after 30 days).

Using the Media Editor to refine your broadcast mentions

The Media Editor allows you to trim a mention to contain exactly the content you need. First save the mention, as shown above, and then 'Open Media Editor' becomes available:

The media editor enables you to view or listen to the clip, follow the transcript and edit the clip down to the specific content you want to save.

Click Open Media Editor and a new screen will open.

By clicking the Editor tab while the clip is playing, you can select 'Set Start' and 'Set End' at the exact points of the clip you are interested in.

Alternatively, you can highlight the text of the transcript and set a start and end point

Click the Preview button to review the clip you have selected.

You might need to adjust the start and end times as the transcript isn't always perfectly aligned with the clip. To do so, you can type the new timings directly into the time settings window. Alternatively, you can reselect the transcript and play the selection to confirm your adjustments.

Once you're happy with the selection, click on the "Next" button then "Finish" to complete your edit.

Saving the edited clip will provide you with an Instant Play Link. You can use this to view or share the clip, or view it within your Agility account. The Instant Play Link will lead any recipients of your media briefings to the clip for 30 days.

Once you click Done, you will return to the Agility screen and see that the clip is now shown as having been edited as requested...

... with the accessible URL available within the Mention Information.

NOTE: Edited mentions cannot be edited again or restored to their original content or length. To restore a mention to its original state, you must delete the edited mention, search for the content again, and then you can save it and edit again.

How to archive TV and Radio content

An article on archiving broadcast mentions indefinitely can be found here.

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