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How to archive TV and Radio content
How to archive TV and Radio content

Editing and saving broadcast mentions to archive

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The TV and radio content that Agility receives from TV Eyes can be archived indefinitely, with the appropriate Agility Monitoring Plan. If this is not yet included in your plan but is something that you require, you may contact your Account Manager or email to know more.

If you already have this ability in your account, follow these easy steps to edit and save clips for 30 days or archive them for longer access. To read about how to monitor broadcast content and set up subscriptions, click here.

Using the Media Editor

The Media Editor allows you to trim a mention to contain exactly the content you need. First save the mention and then 'Open Media Editor' becomes available:

The media editor enables you to view or listen to the clip, follow the transcript, and edit the clip down to the specific content you want to save.

Click Open Media Editor and a new screen will open.

By clicking the Editor tab while the clip is playing, you can select 'Set Start' and 'Set End' at the exact points of the clip you are interested in.

Alternatively, you can highlight the text of the transcript and set a start and end point

Click the Preview button to review the clip you have selected.

You might need to adjust the start and end times as the transcript isn't always perfectly aligned with the clip. To do so, you can either type the new timings directly into the time settings window. Alternatively, you can reselect the transcript and play the selection to confirm your adjustments.

If you think that the clip is missing some content relevant to you, you can Show Timeline and scroll backwards or forwards through the programme to capture any further content.

Once you're happy with the selection, click on the "Next" button, select a Destination, and proceed to complete your edit.

Instant Play - lets you save and play the broadcast mention for 30 days. The metadata and mention details will remain in your account for reporting after 30 days.

Archive - lets you save and play the broadcast mention after 30 days. It will remain accessible to you for as long as your Agility account is active.

Once you have saved an edited mention, you will also see the option to archive it within the Mention View screen.

NOTE: Edited mentions cannot be edited again or restored to their original content or length. To restore a mention to its original state, you must delete the edited mention, search for the content again, and then you can save it and edit it again.

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