When you set up your topics in Agility's Monitoring and run a search, you're likely to see some social media results from Facebook and Twitter.  These results will give you a general idea of how the topic is being covered on social media, but this is not a comprehensive search of Facebook or Twitter.

Subscriptions allow you to discover social media content that is not otherwise searchable in the Agility Monitoring platform.

If you're looking for all Tweets or public Facebook posts that meet the criteria of your topic search, you will first want to set up a subscription.  By setting up a subscription, you can pull all relevant results from Twitter and Facebook into the 'pool' from which the topic searches pull results.

Setting up a subscription is very easy!  First, choose whether you'd like to set up a Facebook or Twitter search by selecting the appropriate radio button.  You would then fill out the fields as you prefer:

With Facebook selected, you can enter your desired keywords and save then activate your subscription.  Agility will then begin pulling in relevant content from Facebook based on your search terms.  If you wish to pull in relevant Tweets as well, create another subscription, select the Twitter radio button, and the desired keywords.

This means one subscription will pull in content from one social media platform.  If you wish to pull in content from both Twitter and Facebook, two subscriptions would be required - one for Twitter, one for Facebook.

It's important to note that these subscriptions are not retroactive.  Once you set up a subscription, Agility will begin 'pulling in' matching Tweets or Facebook posts from that moment forward.

Once you have your subscription set up, you may then run your topic search in the future and view relevant results as they come in.

Please keep in mind there are annual quotas/limitations to the total number of Tweets you may pull.

Some Subscription Best Practices

To pull in social media mentions to your topics, ensure you check the Facebook and/or Twitter options under media types when setting up your topic:

Another best practice is to set up topics to monitor social media mentions separately from the topic to monitor traditional media sources (online news, print, tv, radio, etc.).  Having two topics (one for traditional media and another for social media) also allows you to better track the volume of social media mentions against your quota.

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