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Using personalizations and mailmerge in email distributions
Using personalizations and mailmerge in email distributions
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Within the email distribution process, the platform allows you to personalize the email for each recipient by using personalization settings. The email will pull information from each recipients' Agility profile, or from your private contacts, and place them within the email body.

There are several options: Name Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Outlet Name, X Handle.

For example, adding First Name will insert the mailmerge tag [%FNAME%] into your text, and pull in the first names of each of your contacts accordingly (e.g. Dear Susan).

Please note that information will only be inserted where it is available on the profile of the contact. Prefixes are only supported in the following languages German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

You are able to specify a fallback when the information you are trying to personalize is unavailable.

Using Merge Tags to Edit the Email Footer

The email footer can now be edited similarly to a Text component. This provides you with more options on how to format your footer information.

The contact information used by the footer is entered into the fields on the right-hand pane, accessible after you click into the footer component. This information is required to conform with anti-spam laws and so these must be included with every email.

Use the merge tags control to add the tags into the footer.

Once added to the footer, the merge tags can be positioned and formatted as you would like. You can use the various editing tools to format your footer content and merge tags.

This 3-minute video will explain further:

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