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Analyse and summarise your media coverage, and share it in interactive briefings

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Intelligent Insights allows you to use ten AI-powered funtions to immediately analyse and summarise your media coverage, and share that analysis with others.

For example:

  • Immediately see why a mention is relevant to your work by analysing the context of your keywords within an article.

  • Summarise articles, and pull out their key information and characteristics

  • Understand the content from articles that are behind paywalls which prevent you from reading the full article itself.

You can also share your insights in interactive briefings that allow colleagues to apply their own instant analysis.

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On any saved mention in Agility’s media monitoring module, an Insights Creator has been added to the Mention Studio, offering ten ways to apply insights to your media coverage.

First save, and then edit a media mention that you want to analyse.

An Intelligent Summary, which will instantly apply a short synopsis of the whole article. You can also analyse the article with a focus on the context of your chosen keywords, the sentiment, key facts and figures and the likely audience.

You can identify the brands, people and places mentioned, pull out any quotes and ask for a chracterization of the mentions.

All of this can be done in a large variety of languages, meaning that you can apply, for example, an English-language analysis on a piece of coverage in Spanish.

Once you have generated an insight, you can save it, and then apply further insights and save those to the mention too. Below is a mention to which I have saved a contextual analysis focused on the phrase 'designer eyewear', and a list of all brands mentioned in the article.

You can edit the insights, either simply modifying their names...

or by using PR CoPilot to refine the way the insight has been written.

Once you have saved your insights and specified your preferred insight, it is exportable along with all of your saved coverage, and you can include it in a media briefing.

The full instructions for creating a briefing are here.

To include your insights alongside your mentions in briefings, select Show Insights within the Briefing Section Settings, and then select whether to show the Insight Name or not.

To allow your briefing recipients to interact with the briefing by applying their own insights to an online version, select Include Intelligent Insights Link under Delivery Options.

When your colleagues receive your briefing they will see the insights you have applied to the mentions, and a Get Insights link to enable to view an interactive briefing.

On the interactive version, they will see all mentions and the insights you have applied to them, and be able to use the AI-powered prompts to apply their own insights.

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