What is PR CoPilot(TM)?

Within Agility's email distribution tool, we can now make PR CoPilot(TM) available to help with your content creation.

Agility's PR CoPilot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create original email and press release content for you in a matter of seconds - saving you time and helping you to generate and structure the content you send to the media.

How do I use PR CoPilot(TM)?

PR CoPilot is a powerful and remarkably easy to use tool. Within a text component of an email distribution or newswire, you will see the button to navigate to it.

​Within the tool, you can provide a Key Message, and then as much or as little further guidance as you wish.

You can include several key messages, and specify quotes to be included in the content. If you don't include a quote, the tool may generate one for you, so it is important to review this with care.

The settings allow you to specify the format of your content, press release or email, the tone of your release, and the length. You can also ask for your release to be written in any of 13 languages. There is even the power to use key messages written in one language and produce a press release in a second language, meaning you can create content in 13 languages, whether you personally speak them or not.

By clicking Generate, you instruct PR CoPilot to get to work...and in a matter of seconds your original content will be written, based entirely on the key messages, quotes and settings you have provided.

It is important to note that the tool cannot replace human expertise when it comes to ensuring the content is accurate. The tool does not have access to the Internet, and is not scraping and reproducing any existing content. It has been trained with a vast amount of data from the Internet which it uses to generate original content based on your key messages. It is important that you review what the PR CoPilot has created and use the content carefully. You are asked to acknowledge a Disclaimer making this point.

You can ask the tool to Regenerate if you want to have another attempt, or click Apply and your content will be inserted into the text component of your email.

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