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Search the Agility Social Media Archive
Search the Agility Social Media Archive

Use Agility to backsearch past content up to 1 year

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Every mention generated by the social topics and subscriptions in Agility gets stored in our archive, which can be searched in Social Listening for content going back one year.

You can do this by selecting Search Archive within the Social module.

You can set up a new search or use search criteria from an existing Social Topic.

When you search you will be shown all results that have previously been generated by other users or by Agility's industry targeted searches set up to enrich the archive.

This differs from Social Topics, which when set up and activated, draw content directly from the social media source from that time on, not retrospectively.

The Analytics and Post Feed functions within an archive search are the same as within a standard Social Topic search. You can toggle between showing Engagement Insights on and off, as they are not available for every mention in the archive.

You can review the posts, save them to your account if you have a monitoring account, and use the analytics to see sentiment, engagement and trends.

If you want to edit the search criteria, or save them to turn this search into a Social Topic for future published mentions, select Actions on the lower left-hand side.

Search Archive FAQ

  • Do Social Topics show past mentions?

    A Social Topic in Agility, once activated, will generate results directly from the social media source published from that minute onwards.

    It will not search for social media mentions published before the activation of the Social Topic.

  • What is the Archive?

    As the results in Social Topics are generated, Agility stores them all in our archive. We store many thousands of mentions every day.

    Searching the archive allows users to see previously published content.

  • Can I see all past Twitter content?

    An archive search will only show mentions that Agility users have previously generated with their Social Topics. Not the entire historic Twitter content. Social Topics generate content directly from Twitter and so do search against all future mentions.

  • What are the chances of someone else's previous Topic generating results of interest to me?

    We have many clients who cover regions and industries all over the world, all generating content for our archive. We also have Agility Social Topics set up to populate the archive with a wide range of general and specific industry terms.

  • Why can I switch Engagement Insights on and off?

    Content generated before the launch of Social Listening in July 2022 will come without Engagement Insights. You can toggle these insights on and off to switch between the full set of results and only those with engagement data.

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