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Using #journorequest and #helpareporterout in Agility
Using #journorequest and #helpareporterout in Agility

Find journalists and influencers requesting information for their upcoming articles or features.

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Many journalists use social media to ask for PR and expert advice to contribute to an article or feature that they are working on. They post their requests with an explanation of their pitch accompanied by a hashtag such as #journorequest.

Here is an example from Twitter:

In Agility, you can set up rolling searches for journalist requests on Influencer Streams, and also use Keyword Searches to display journalists looking for PR content. Using the hashtags #prrequest, #journorequest, #helpareporterout, etc will return results showing what journalists are looking for to contribute to their upcoming articles.

In Influencer Streams, you can combine the search terms with industry-specific terms, and search for subjects such as "#journorequest" "beauty" or "#prrequest" "#fashion".

The benefit of using Agility is that your results will only ever be verified journalists, and by selecting any result you can review their full media profile, their recent media coverage, and contact details. If they are a good fit for your needs, you can add them to your Agility contact lists.

You can also use the keyword search feature under Discover, which allows you to be more specific about the profile of the journalists that you are interested in. Below, I am specifying that I only want to see contacts based in the UK whose subjects include Fashion.

The results show you all matching journalists, and you can review their profiles...

and review their recent coverage (including isolating the coverage with the keywords you used in the search).

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