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How to use Influencer streams
How to use Influencer streams
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Agility's Influencer Stream allows you to track what people are saying in real time on traditional and social media about the topics that matter to you.

Accessing Influencer Streams

You can access the Influencer Streams module from the Discover ‘tab’ on the Agility navigation bar.

Setting up Influencer Streams

With Influencer Streams, you can view streams of journalists and influencers media activity. Unlike tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, Influencer Streams streamlines your feed so you only see relevant social media posts from journalists, not anyone with a social media handle.

You can create a new stream and see media activity from a specific contact list or see which journalists are writing about keywords important to you. You can create up to 4 streams at once (if you are viewing on a smaller screen, drag the scroll bar to the right to see the 4th stream).

Stream sources

  • Searches - Choose one of your saved searches and the stream will populate with recent coverage published by the media contacts on that search.

  • Lists - Choose one of your saved lists and the stream will populate with recent coverage published by the media contacts on that list.

  • Keyword - Search by keyword and the stream will populate with recent coverage where the keyword has been mentioned by the contacts on our DB. You can search for phrases or multiple keywords in a single search.

Which media types will I see content from?

The media content you see is dependant on your subscription level. I.e. if you have access to database only you will see content from Online news, press releases, blogs and Twitter. If you have access to Agility media monitoring, then you will also see other content types that are part of your monitoring subscription. I.e. Instagram, Facebook etc along with online news, press releases, blogs and Twitter.

The stream content

  • See stream of content activity in ‘real-time’.

  • Sorted chronologically with the newest posts appearing at the top of the list.

  • Each stream will be “infinitely” scrollable to the point, so you can look back at previous posts. (Posts can go back up to 2 months)

  • Click on the "Read more" option to click through to the full content.

  • As new content becomes available, the stream will shift down and an indicator will appear to tell you how many new results are in the queue.

  • The user can click on the notice to load the new items.

Filtering, Show/Hide Images and Reset stream

  • Applying filters on List and Search streams - Use any of the filtering options to isolate and view specific content based on the applied filter. Remember to click Apply once you selected a filter/s.

  • Applying filters on Keyword streams - Keyword stream will allow you to filter by stream content type.

  • Show/hide images - Select to show or hide images within the content

  • Reset stream - Click on reset stream to return to a blank stream.

Contact profile

Clicking on any media activity will allow you to see the profile of the contact on the right. Click through the icons on the far right for other info - I.e. Outlet details, Lists (check if contact is saved on any lists), recent coverage and Social feed.

Save contacts to lists from Influencer streams.

You can also save contacts to lists from an Influencer stream in multiple ways. Either click on the manage lists icon on the top right of any content or click on Manage lists on the bottom right of the contact profile panel.

By clicking on the Stream Contacts icon, the lowest on the right-hand panel, you can view all contacts attributed to the results in your Influencer Stream, and add some or all of them to your list(s).

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