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Social Listening Glossary
Social Listening Glossary
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Retweets and other shares of a post on social media.


The number of likes or favourites for each social media post.


A series of displays that enable you to see the volume of social media coverage for all topics within a theme, along with impressions, engagement, trends, comparisons and sentiment.


Replies or comments to a post on social media.


The number of reactions to a social media post, such as likes, comments, replies, retweets and shares.

Engagement rate

This metric is a representation of the level of interaction on a post relative to the audience size.


total engagement / total followers x 100

e.g. If a post was authored by someone with 45,000 followers and the total engagements are 1,500

1,500/45,000 = 0.333

0.333 x 100 = 3.33% Engagement Rate

Displayed as a percentage, rounded to 2 decimal places

Excessive rate of usage and safe rate of usage

On the Themes page, you can review the rate of usage of each of your topics. In the screenshot below, my UEFA Women's Euro 2022 topic has an 'excessive rate of usage' due to generating over 3000 mentions in the last 24 hours. It has not been moderated but I am being advised to keep track of it or review the breadth of the keywords. The alternative label is 'safe rate of usage'.


The number of followers or subscribers of the accounts publishing one or more social media posts.


The system will moderate Social Topics that have an extremely high rate of ingestion. Usually this is due to very broad keyword queries. Moderated Social Topics can be reactivated by the user but it is recommended that they assess their keywords before doing so.

Previous period

Whichever period is specified in the date range filter at the top of the Analytics screen, the previous period will be the same length of time, prior to the current period. E.g. current period is 'Last 3 days'. Previous period is 4-6 days ago.

Published date and Available date

The date at which the original post was published, and the date at which the content became available. These dates may be different, depending on the time if the original publication and the rate of ingestion.

Quota Information

Every account has a quota of social mentions that it can generate each month. Your topics draw from that quota throughout each month and then on the first day of each month the quota is reset.

Your topics will begin to consume your quota as soon as they are active and are generating mentions in your account. You can pause your topics at any time, which will stop them from generating mentions and consuming your quota.

You can see your quota information by navigating to Account > Quota Usage, or from the main page of the Social module.

In the account shown below, my mentions are consuming mentions at a rate of 32.8% of quota. My total quota is 150,000 mentions per month and so far I have consumed 1588 (1% of quota). I have 30 days until my quota resets on August 1st. If this rate of consumption stays consistent for 30 days, I will consume 32.8% of my quota.


For example, A Quote Tweet then is a ReTweet that allows Twitter users to embed their own comments above an original tweet and publish both to their followers. This way, everyone can see the context behind a Tweet.


Applicable only to English, French and Spanish content.

A program within the Agility platform which determines sentiment based on the terms used in each post, according to designated keywords or phrases and the words in their proximity.


All Social Topics will go into "Standby" when they have no quota to consume and will be reactivated automatically on the 1st of the next month when the quota period resets and/or new quota becomes available.


A collection of one or more social media topics. A theme allows Agility users to monitor and analyse several social media monitoring topics alongside each other, or isolate individual topics.

For example, ‘Competitors’ is a theme and within this theme each competitor is a separate topic.

Social Topic

A set of search criteria - keywords, specified social media networks and handles - that return social media content to the Agility platform for users to review.

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