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How do I monitor podcast content in Agility?
How do I monitor podcast content in Agility?
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To monitor podcasts you will need to set up a search within the Subscriptions section of Agility. Setting up a subscription is very easy!

First, navigate to Subscriptions on the left hand menu. Then choose which platform you'd like to search by selecting the appropriate radio button, in this case podcasts. Enter your search terms, save the subscription and give it a name.

To begin monitoring podcasts, click Activate. Agility will now monitor any future podcasts whose transcripts match your search terms.

You can monitor and handle podcast results entirely from the subscription pages or, once you have your subscription set up, you may also feed the results into a topic and view the podcast results alongside your results from other media types. To pull subscription results in to your topics, ensure that the search terms overlap and that podcasts is selected as a media type.

Once the podcast results come into Agility, you will be able to click the headline and play the podcast within the Mention Player in Agility, or save it your account to add to a briefing or report. Podcasts are categorised into subjects, a list of which is given at the end of this article. Each mention displays the subject category that the podcast falls under within the mention player.

You can also open up the podcast in your browser and play it there, download it to your computer, and share the link with others. Podcasts are presented as contained, single episodes with transcripts and a highlights feature that enable you to pinpoint the exact second of your mention. However, it is possible that you may want to edit the podcast by reducing its length. To do this, you can download it and edit it using an online tool such AudioTrimmer. To keep the mention available to you in Agility, make sure you save the mention to your account.

To download, view the Media URL...

click the three buttons...

and download.

As subscriptions, podcast content can be used in reporting, briefings and coverage alerts.

(An explanation of social media subscriptions is here and broadcast subscriptions is here.)

Podcast subject list

  1. Arts

  2. Business

  3. Comedy

  4. Education

  5. Fiction

  6. Government

  7. Health & Fitness

  8. History

  9. Kids & Family

  10. Leisure

  11. Music

  12. News

  13. Religion

  14. Science

  15. Society & Culture

  16. Sports

  17. TV & Film

  18. Technology

  19. True Crime

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