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What are Subscriptions?

How to use subscriptions in Agility's Monitoring.

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Note: This article walks us through monitoring social media in Agility. To learn about broadcast media subscriptions, click here, and for podcasts subscriptions, click here.

When you first set up your topics in Agility and run a search with social media types selected in the topic set up, you're likely to see some social media results from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube.  These results will give you a general idea of how the topic is being covered on social media, but this is not a comprehensive search of everything that can be made available in Agility.

If you're looking to monitor all social media posts you will need to set up a subscription within Agility.  By setting up a subscription, you can pull all relevant results from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Instagram into Agility.

Setting up a subscription is very easy!  First, navigate to Subscriptions on the left hand menu. Then choose which platform you'd like to search by selecting the appropriate radio button.  You would then fill out the fields as you prefer:

Once you are happy with your search criteria, save it and then press

You can select 'View Mentions' to see the results directly within Subscriptions. However, it's important to note that these subscriptions are not retroactive.  Once you set up a subscription, Agility will begin 'pulling in' matching posts from that moment forward. So you might want to pop back later to see the results.

One subscription will pull in content from one social media platform.  If you wish to pull in content from multiple platforms, multiple subscriptions would be required.

Once you have your subscription set up, you may also add the results to a topic with matching search terms and view relevant results alongside your results from other media types. To pull in social media mentions to your topics, ensure you check the Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and/or Twitter options under media types when setting up your topic:

Please keep in mind there are annual quotas/limitations to the total number of social mentions you may pull in.

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