Agility enables you to create briefings either by manually curating your selected mentions, or by setting up an automatic collection of all mentions.

To find out how to create an automated briefing, click here:
How to create an Automated Briefing

To create a briefing of your selected clips firstly ensure that you have set up a topic and saved all your clips, you can also have them saved in a folder. Once you have saved your clips please follow the steps below to create a briefing of your chosen mentions.

Getting started

  1. Click on Monitor > Select Briefings from the drop down

2. Select to either create a New Briefing, Quick briefing or Choose Existing briefing to copy. 

New briefing: Allows you to start from a blank briefing
Quick briefing: Allows you to fill in only the required components to construct a basic brief with a pre-set template.

Constructing a New Manual Briefing 

1. Start by giving your briefing a name on the top right.

2. You can choose to add any of the following components to your brief to brand it.

3. Click on Add mentions to add your mentions to the brief template.

4. From a Folder or Tag or from All saved coverage, select the mentions you wish to add to your brief click ADD then Close.

5. Mentions have now been added to the brief. Don't forget to save as draft at this stage.

Creating sections to organise your mentions

1. If you wish to create your own section headers and manually order the clips you can do so by clicking on the arrow icon on the right and click Add section.

2. Give your new section a Name and hit OK

3. You can now move selected clips from the default section in to your created section. Select your clips from the default section > Move to your created section. 

4. Then click on the 3 horizontal lines on the right to return to your brief and you will see that he new section has been added.

Constructing a new Quick briefing

After selecting to create a quick briefing, you would be presented with the following window:

As you can, you would simply:

  • Enter a briefing name
  • Add coverage from a folder, topic or tag
  • Pick a date range you wish to report on
  • Select how you wish to see mentions organised
  • Then select how you wish to see them sorted

Finally, click 'create briefing' and you'll be taken to your templated, nearly complete briefing!  See below to learn how to change mention display settings and deliver the briefing.

Mention Display Settings
Select Mention Display Settings to choose what information you would like shown against each mention


1. Complete the Delivery options for your brief.
2. Specify your scheduling
3. Click on send

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