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Agility Email Reporting with Apple Mail Privacy Protection
Agility Email Reporting with Apple Mail Privacy Protection
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Earlier this year Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), which is important to Agility as it prevents senders from seeing if Apple Mail users have genuinely opened an email.

You may find this article interesting, or we have summarised the impact, and Agility's solution, below.

MPP affects any email opened in Apple Mail app on any device—irrespective of the email service used such as Gmail or a corporate account. However, this doesn’t affect other email apps used on Apple devices, such as the Gmail app on an iPhone.

When an Apple Mail user is using MPP, Apple first routes emails through a proxy server to pre-load message content—including tracking pixels—before serving to readers, even if readers don’t actually open those emails. The result is that email reporting is at risk of over-reporting the number of recipients that have actually read an email. There is no way you can accurately say who opened your emails via Apple Mail.

To solve this challenge, within email distribution reporting Agility now enables users to switch on MPP Adjusted Estimates.

With MPP Adjusted Estimates switched off, users are shown the total number of unique opens and total opens. Underneath, they are shown how many opens are ‘reliable’ and how many may be impacted by MPP. Above, 5 opens are impacted.

With MPP Adjusted Estimates switched on, Agility applies the reliable open rate for the distribution to the MPP impacted opens and provides an estimate of what the true number of actual opens is. In the screenshot below, it is estimated that 1 of the 5 MPP Impacted Opens was a genuine open, based on the reliable open rate for this distribution.

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