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How to submit wires using Agility?
How to submit wires using Agility?
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One of Agility's newest features enables you to amplify your press release distribution by using our Newswire service.

We can distribute over a wide variety of global circuits, depending on your requirements. If you are looking to reach the US and the UK, you can use the Agility platform to submit your order.

If you need to distribute outside the US or the UK, or if you need to send the same release to multiple circuits, please submit your release using this form for us to handle on your behalf.

Accessing the Newswire
Access is gained through the Amplify drop-down menu:

  • Log in to your Agility account and go to Amplify > Newswire > New Release.

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  • Begin by selecting “Create New Release” to start from a blank template. Select your target publication region, and click “Create Release.”

    The blue banner in this window indicates the default number of multimedia assets included in your purchase while the count after the region names informs you of the remaining wire credits to use for each region.

Creating a New Press Release - Content

The Newswire editor has several fields for you to populate. Consider the following points when completing them:

Headline: Type or paste your press release headline here.

Subheading: Type or paste your press release sub-headline here. This field is optional.

Company name: The organisation that is the source for the release or that the release is about.

Dateline (Location): The geographic location of the release.

As you enter your content within each of these fields, Agility offers some quick tips for you to consider on the right-hand panel of your screen.

Text: The main body of the release. Paste the main body of your content directly into this field. Images and tables cannot be included in the body. Images, company logos, or other assets can be attached in their specific fields.

To add or insert components, find the + icon at the edge of each component and select from the dropdown. The arrow plus/down at the top-left corner of each component will let you move it as you see fit.

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Release Settings. On the right-most-side panel of your screen, click on the widget “Release Settings” to set and/or view the settings of your release:

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These are the elements that you will find under "Release Settings."

Release Name:

Name for the release. This is an internal name to help you identify the task later.


Contains the name of the person who created the release, when it was created and from which account.

Publication Region

Indicates the target distribution region for the release and remaining wire credits for the account.


Contains various multimedia and text components that can be added to the release:

Company logo: You can insert one company logo to go with your release. Any additional logos can be inserted as an image instead.

Image: You can add multiple image blocks to include in your release.

Video: A place to add a YouTube or Vimeo URL

Text: A place to add additional text in your release.

Company Bio: Enter your company bio or boilerplate. Note that this field accepts plain text only.

Links: A place to add website or social links.

Contact: Media contact information. Full name and email address are required fields.

Company Address: A place to add your company address.


A place to add SEO Keywords to optimize content search


Publish: Select Publish if you wish for the press release to be distributed ASAP after editorial review.

Publish Later: Select this if you wish for the press release to be distributed at a later time.

Editorial Contact Information

Agility’s editorial team will contact this person for any questions related to the release.

Editorial Communication. To communicate anything to the editorial team, click on the third widget at the right-most side of the platform called “Editorial Communication” and click “Add Note” to leave instructions. Check out this guide for more information on how to best use this communication method.

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Preview & Submit Release. Review your release via the Preview mode and click Submit Release to submit the release to Agility’s editorial team. You will receive a notification confirming that your release has been submitted for review.

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Editorial Review. All releases are subject to review by our editorial team against Agility's editorial guidelines and require a processing time of at least 60 minutes. Releases submitted outside of standard North American and European office hours Monday to Friday may take longer than 60 minutes to process. Releases flagged for revision will not be sent. We will contact you if revisions are required or if additional information about the press release is needed.

Making updates and retractions. To make updates to releases or to retract a release going out within 60 minutes, contact the editorial team at or call +1-888-270-4776 (North America) or +44-0800-917-7551 (UK.)

Once published, you can no longer make updates to and/or retract releases.

Reporting. Once a release has been published, reporting statistics will be made available within the Agility platform under the Performance tab within the next 24 hours.

Any questions will be welcome at

Please note: Before submitting a press release for wire distribution, you will need to purchase a wire package, or single wire from your Agility PR Solutions Account Manager. If you aren't sure who that is, visit for contact details or to fill in a form to request follow-up.

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