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Support Tips on Email Formatting
Support Tips on Email Formatting

How to use the email tools to format your press release

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Email fonts

The following fonts are available in Agility:

  • Arial

  • Comic Sans MS

  • Courier New

  • Georgia

  • Helvetica

  • Lucida

  • Tahoma

  • Times

  • Trebuchet MS

  • Verdana

These fonts are considered email-safe as they have the highest likelihood of being used on the platforms and devices used by your recipients. If fonts other than the above are used, receiving email platforms may display your email in a different font altogether. By using email-safe fonts, you can be confident your email will be seen by your recipients as you intend.

Placing images side-by-side

Placing email components side-by-side can impact the responsiveness of the email display, and spoil the appearance for your addressees. It is important to us that we retain the integrity of the display on multiple platforms, devices and screen sizes.

If this is essential to you, you can place two images within the text editor by using the image icon:

Adding two images with dimensions of 300x200 pixels with a space in between will enable you to present your images like this:

If you have larger versions of the photos stored online, you can link the smaller versions within the email body to the larger versions

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee the presentation on every platform and device, and some mobile devices may present the images like this:

Adding videos

You can embed a video to your press release by including a link to the site that they are hosted on (e.g. YouTube).

Using an image component, upload an image that will serve as the thumbnail image within your press release. It is recommended to add an overlay play button to your image to make it look like a video link, as in below. You might find this site useful in adding a play button to your image.

Then under the Image Settings, add a URL to your image by following the "Edit Link" prompt, as seen below.

Plain text version

When sending mass emails through platforms such as Agility, it is common for a plain text version of the email to be sent along with the HTML version. The plain text version of the email is one without any special formatting or images, it is only text.

Plain text versions of an email can help improve your outreach efforts in many ways.

  1. Recipients may only accept plain text emails from external senders for security purposes. Ensuring the plain text version of your email is visually appealing can help to increase open rates and overall engagement with your email distribution.

  2. Devices such as smartwatches or virtual assistant technologies such as Alexa or Siri will use plain text versions of received mail. Double-checking the plain text version of your email distribution will ensure the correct display and/or readback of your content when recipients open your email on these devices.

  3. HTML emails accompanied by a plain text version are less likely to be flagged as spam.

The main takeaway is that you can improve your open rates by confirming the plain text version of your email is properly formatted.

You can easily do this in Agility by navigating to the Content Validation section of your email distribution, then clicking on "edit plain text version" and making any necessary changes before sending your email.

A plain text version of your email is automatically generated by Agility as you create the HTML version through the editor. Please note that once you manually edit the plain text version of your email distribution, the plain text version will no longer update automatically as you edit the HTML version. This is why we suggest plain version edits should be made only after you're happy with the HTML version of the email you created in the main editor.

HTML version

The HTML version of your email is what you create in the main editor using the title, text, image, divider, and button components. In Agility, you can confirm the correct formatting of this version of your email distribution using the Device Preview Email feature as well as sending yourself a test email.

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