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Online Boost Service FAQ
Online Boost Service FAQ
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Q. What is the Online Boost service?

A. The Online Boost service is a cost-effective and easy way to give online visibility to your release. It allows your release to become visible on Ask, Bing, Facebook, Google, Google News, Twitter and Yahoo!, and is also syndicated on with the potential to reach their 35 million monthly active users. You can be assured that your release will appear in search results with the top search engines should anyone go searching for your company/brand name. The Online Boost service is a strategic add-on to your targeted one-on-one media outreach approach, giving you the best of both worlds - personal outreach combined with online visibility on key global news sites.

Q. How is this different from the targeted media lists and distribution that I do in Agility?

A. The targeted media lists allow you to have one-on-one reach and conversation with specific journalists on your news release or other targeted communication, a necessary component to any media outreach strategy. The Online Boost, as the name implies, gives a further boost to your efforts by providing stronger online visibility. With the Online Boost option, your news release will show up in searches, be it on Ask, Bing, Facebook, Google, Google News, Twitter and Yahoo!.

Q. Does this mean I can use Online Boost option instead of a Newswire?

A. Newswires are an important strategic mix in your media amplification strategy, and cannot be replaced by Agility's Online Boost.

A newswire amplifies your story by combining multiple distribution elements to reach more people. It offers a much deeper access to News Agencies, Editorial teams, and access to new markets and countries that you would normally not be able to reach.

Online Boost complements other release options by providing online visibility on key search engines to support your personalized and targeted outreach.

Q. Will you provide an online visibility report?

A. The best performance assurance for the Online Boost service is in searching for your news release on Google News, Bing, or Yahoo! and seeing the results for yourself. As the proof is directly verifiable, the Online Boost service, therefore, does not come with any other supporting reports.

Q. How does the billing for Online Boost service work?

A. The service comes at the cost of US$99/ UK£69 / CA$125 per release. When you choose to go for the Online Boost option, you (the Agility user) agree to this charge. Our billing team will then invoice you for this service.

Q. I love this option, but am curious to know what other options are there to amplify my coverage.

A. Agility offers several options to enhance and amplify your efforts to generate earned media coverage, these include:

  • Targeted media lists that you can create within Agility’s media database of over a million contacts across the globe in any media market.

  • Agility Distribution: Sector specific Agility distributions can be a much more cost-effective method of getting your message out to your desired audience

  • Newswires: Great way to reach out to any media market in the world, in local languages, with focus on News Agencies (Associated Press, Press Association, Bloomberg Terminal etc.), Editorial teams, online visibility etc.

  • Online Boost service: Great way to enhance your targeted approach with online visibility in top search engines.

  • Newsroom: Agility Newsroom gives your story a long-term home and a shareable link to make it easier for your content to be discovered and shared by your target audience, journalists, and search engines.

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