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Where can I find the recent coverage from a certain journalist/influencer?
Where can I find the recent coverage from a certain journalist/influencer?

How to find recent coverage from a specific contact

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In Agility, you can easily find the most recent content published by a journalist or influencer. This can give you an excellent idea of what the individual is currently writing about, and thus what subject or topics they may be most interested in at any given time. To find and interact with the recent coverage of a contact, please follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1: Find the contact by creating a new search or by viewing one of your Saved Searches or Targeted Lists

You can do this by navigating to the results page of a new "Discover Contacts" search, "Saved Search", or "Targeted List" under the "Discover" tab:

Step 2: Find the contact's "Recent Coverage" icon

You can do this by clicking on the contact appearing in the results view, which will then update the right-hand-side panel to show that "contact's details" along with other various icons you can click-on to change the information displayed in the panel:

Find and select the "Recent Coverage" icon on the right-hand side to show the contact's recently published content:

Step 3: Viewing and interacting with the results under "Recent Coverage"

The results will display up to 25 of the most recent content pieces that the contact has published for Agility "media monitoring" subscribers, and up to 10 of the most recent content pieces for "database-only" subscribers. Also note that media monitoring subscribers will be able to view various types of media content (Online articles, Twitter posts, Instagram posts, etc.), according to their specific subscription inclusions (while these results will be refined to online news articles only, for database-only subscribers):

(Additionally, media monitoring subscribers have the ability to click on an online or print article's headline, to navigate to the article's source page.)

To interact further with the recent coverage you can apply keywords you are looking for with the "search bar", and also click on the "filter Icon" beside the search bar, to toggle additional options:

For monitoring subscribers, recent coverage can be saved into "saved coverage folders" and under "tags", by selecting coverage pieces and saving them with these options:

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