Within a set of search results, you will see several contacts that have badges on their profile previews, shown in the top right corner here:

By hovering over any badge, you will see an explanation of the criteria that have generated it. You can also use the filter function to isolate contacts based on their status.

The options and default definitions are below, and you can also select your own timeframe for new contacts, new information, and newly employed contacts.

New contact: Any contact added to the database in the last 30 days.

New Information: Any previously existing contact that has been updated in any way in the last 30 days.

New employment contact: Any previously existing contact that has been newly associated to an outlet in the last 30 days. (NB โ€“ these will also show up if using the new information filter.)

Longstanding contact: Any contact that has been on Agility for five years. Using this filter may be used as a way of representing greater maturity in a profile, more stability and perhaps experience in their field of expertise.

Multiple employment contacts: Any contact that is employed by multiple outlets.

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