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Notice on international regulations on email communication
Notice on international regulations on email communication
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Anti-Spam Requirements for Email

This article is provided as a support resource, not legal advice.

Agility PR Solutions adheres to all international spam laws and we take many protective measures to help prevent spam and protect our network of contacts, our clients and our platform’s reputation.

Requirements when using Agility to email contacts

Agility’s email platform complies with CAN-SPAM, the U.S. law that regulates commercial email. We also have some additional requirements in place to help protect our service, our users, and their contacts.

Here’s an overview of Agility’s anti-spam requirements for email:

• You must agree to our Terms of Use when you become an Agility customer.

• You must comply with GDPR when managing your private contacts within Agility.

• An unsubscribe link must be in every email campaign you send.

• You must include your contact information in every email you send, including a physical mailing address.

• You may not falsify your contact information or subject line.

• Emails you send through Agility must comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act, even if your business is outside the United States.

International requirements

Email regulations vary by country, so you may also be subject to additional regulations depending both on the location of your business and your contacts.

It’s your responsibility to determine whether any additional laws or regulations, including international laws, apply to you or the emails you send through Agility. Keep in mind that, in addition to email spam laws, some countries may have data protection or security laws that could impact your email marketing. If your business is based outside the United States, or you have international contacts, you’ll need to determine what additional laws you’re subject to before sending.

If you prefer to track and measure link clicks and email opens yourself, or simply not to collect that information from your audience at all, you can now switch off click tracking and open tracking within Agility. Click and Open Tracking will be enabled by default, and if you switch either off you must be aware that you won’t see these metrics in your distribution report.

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