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Creating an RSS Feed for Sharing Monitoring Coverage
Creating an RSS Feed for Sharing Monitoring Coverage
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You can share your Agility monitoring briefings and results through an RSS feed. This allows you to simplify the process for keeping your teams up to speed, in real-time, on your latest media coverage.

Options include:

  • Combining multiple reports into one RSS feed

  • Creating different RSS feeds for different departments or groups

  • Choosing a feed limit to control focus on the most recent items

  • Scheduling output to your RSS feed as recurring, so you can just set it and forget it

  • Integrating your RSS feed URL on your company intranet, a website, or wherever your top stories will provide value

NB - RSS Feeds include online monitoring results only. If you are enabled to receive licenced online content via Agility (e.g. NLA content), you may need to check with the relevant authority to ensure that your licence covers how you plan to use your RSS Feed.

RSS feeds are set up as delivery options for briefings, which contain your monitoring results. To create an RSS feed, edit an existing briefing or create a new one. (Instructions on briefings are here).

Within a briefing, under Delivery Options you will see the RSS feed options

To deliver the results in your briefing in an RSS feed, simply tick the RSS Feed box.

If you already have an RSS feed set up, the dropdown arrow will show your options. You can apply multiple briefings to each RSS feed. You can currently create three RSS Feeds.

If you want to create an RSS feed, click on the maintenance wheel on the right-hand side.

This will take you to the screen, where you view existing feeds or create a new one

You simply need to give the feed a name and a description, and specify how many mentions you wish to display in the feed. As new mentions arrive in the feed they will flow through, so that the volume displayed is always the number you specify here. You can elect to display up to 100 mentions at once.

Once you have created the feed, you can use the URL to display your mentions on your company intranet, a website, or wherever your top stories will provide value.

Once you have created the RSS Feed in Agility, if you need to know how to incorporate that into your communications, these links may help you get started: RSS Viewer and How to Embed an RSS Feed in Your Web Page. Enjoy!

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