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Sharing your Monitoring Reports
Sharing your Monitoring Reports
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Sharing Interactive Monitoring Reports

To learn how to create a report in Agility, read this easy-to-follow article. The following will show you how to make it shareable and interactive.

Interactive reports can now be created and shared via a link that can be accessed by anyone that you send it to. Here is an example of a Shared Report. The reports are fully responsive to any screen size, and can be viewed on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Once you have created your report with the charts and data you need, and saved it, you’ll see the option to Share Report.

You are given the option to give the sharable report a title and a logo, re-order your charts or exclude any that you don’t need, and provide any supporting notes under each chart to provide context, analysis or further information to your colleagues.

Once you click Create Shared Report, you are immediately given the option to share the report, either with members of mailing lists that you have saved in Agility, or with individual ad-hoc recipients. You can provide your name and a message to accompany the link to the report. You can skip this step and simply create the report.

Once you have created a Shared Report, you can access it under Reports > All Shared Reports. Each report comes with a link, accessible from the right-hand panel or the Share Report button shown below.

As shown in the example, reports are easy to navigate and interactive, sharing your monitoring charts in a user-friendly, attractive and easy to circulate product.

If you ever need to edit the charts or other content in a shared report, you first make the edits to the report itself and save your changes. Next, go to All Shared Reports and select the pencil icon.

The default is to only update chart settings and titles that have been changed in the source report. If you wish to update the source data, select that box too, bearing in mind that the shared report will update with new data according to the topic, subscription folder or tag that the report is using as a source, thus changing the original report for anyone that received it.

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