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Organise your mentions with folders and tags and tag groups
Organise your mentions with folders and tags and tag groups

Monitoring results in Agility can easily be organised and reported on

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It is easy to organise your chosen mentions in folders, which can be used to create briefings and reports. Tags allow you to further categorise and label your saved coverage, and even allow you to connect mentions saved in different folders.

The following article takes you through how to create folders and add your chosen mentions to them : How can I create a new folder?

And this highlights the ways you can report on mentions and saved coverage:
Create a Monitoring Report based on your topic results and saved coverage

For example, you may save your mentions in folders according to the specific topics they relate to, but then tag the mentions by the month in which they were generated, by a specific campaign or event that  generated the results, or by any other tag that applies to your needs. Tags can span multiple folders, further refine the content in a single folder, or be used independently of folders.

Tags can be applied to mentions as you save them or to already saved mentions. 

To apply a tag as you save a mention or multiple mentions, simply select the mentions that you want from your topic results page and click 'Save with Tag(s)'. You can create a new tag or select from existing tags. You can select multiple tags. In the example below I am going to save the mentions with the tags Education and Q2 by selecting these tags and hitting SAVE.

If you want to apply the same tag to all content on a particular topic, you can set your account to automatically tag when a mention is saved. In the below example, I am creating an 'Education' topic and specifying that whenever I save any mentions that match the search terms from this topic the tag 'Education' will automatically be applied. To read more about auto-tagging click here.

To tag already saved content, go to Saved Coverage/Folders. Firstly, select the mention you wish to tag and you can then apply a name in the Tags section on the right-hand side:

Any mentions with a tag applied will display the information. Tags can be managed by clicking the icon highlighted below.

To tag multiple mentions, you can select your chosen saved mentions, click Bulk Actions and select Add Tag as the chosen action.

If you wish to tag everything that is saved in a folder, you don't even need to select all the mentions first! Simply go to Bulk Actions and choose coverage from a folder as well as Add Tag.

For example, here we are monitoring all mentions of a local authority, “Three Rivers Council” and saving all content in a folder. When you first save the topic you are given the option to ‘auto’ tag any mentions that you save from this topic, so I am also tagging all mentions with “Three Rivers Council”.

I then tag all the mentions accordingly depending on the council activities they refer to (so I have tags for each of Planning, Transport, Recycling, Schools, etc). In the screenshot below, the mention highlighted is tagged with Planning.

As well as providing the ability to organise monitoring reports by tag, this allows you to also organise your briefings by tag, by applying a tag to each briefing section.

By creating a Tag Group you open up the ability to organise and report on your mentions by folders, tags and/or several tags combined.

I have combined all of my tags into one group, allowing me to report on all of them together as well as separately. By clicking the eye I can view the mentions under each tag group.

Share of voice per tag:

Coverage trend for entire Tag Group:

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