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How can I create a new folder?

Creating a new Folder from either the "Topic" or "Saved Coverage / Folders" section of the main drop down menu

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There are two ways in which to create a new folder to save your chosen mentions, which can then be exported, added to a briefing or reported on.

Creating a New Folder from within a set of search results:

Create a new search or select a previously saved topic. When the results appear, tick in the boxes next to the mentions that you wish to save.

In the box that says “Save mentions to Account”, you can either save these results to the main saved coverage area 

or type in a name for the new folder you would like to create, so that the mentions are saved in the specific folder as well as in the main saved coverage area.

Once you selected where you would like the mentions to be saved then click on the save icon.

You can also click on the New Folder option within the Saved Coverage/ Folders:

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