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Use the Subscriptions Dashboard to monitor your social media mention quota
Use the Subscriptions Dashboard to monitor your social media mention quota

How to identify when your subscriptions are reaching your monthly quota; understand subscriptions that are moderated or in standby

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Subscriptions are what you use in Monitoring to pull in mentions from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook, and also some TV and radio sources.  You can learn more about what Subscriptions are and how to set them up here.

The Subscriptions Dashboard allows you to see just how much social media or broadcast content you're pulling in.

In the example below, the account has been set up to show what the dashboard would look like if the subscriptions were pulling in more content than the account's quota allows for. Each account is given a monthly quota which resets at the beginning of each month.

The Daily Average Usage shows how much content is being generated per day and compares it to the quota set for that account. In this case, the result is 113%, so the account will exhaust its ability to draw in new content before the quota resets at the beginning of next month.

The figures below explain exactly what has been used and what is remaining. The graph shows the mention count per day for the top 5 subscriptions in that account, and all subscriptions combined. The horizontal line shows the quota for the month and the dotted line is a projection. In this example, the subscription represented by the grey line will cause the quota to be reached 7 days before the end of the month, and so the search terms may need to be modified.

A set number of mentions can be brought into Agility from social media for your account, and this number may differ depending on your package with Agility.

You, and all users to your account will be notified via email when you begin to approach the limit.

You will receive these emails when you reach 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of your monthly quota/limit. Once you reach 100%, your subscriptions will go into Standby until your quota resets at the beginning of the next month.

These emails will look like this:

Please note that some subscriptions generate such a large volume of content over a very short space of time that they are almost immediately moderated. This is to protect your account quota and that of our entire client base. This would be the result of several thousand mentions per minute being generated. Your subscription status would be set to moderated and would require you to refine the search terms. Again, all users will receive an email:

As these emails state, if you wish to increase your quota you can reach out to Agility Support at  

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