General Preferences

  • Accessible throughout the platform.

  • Allows you to specify the time zone and language you are working in, and the date and time format you wish to see.

Account Preferences

  • Accessible from within any module for accounts that have Monitoring enabled (not currently the dashboard).

  • Allows you to set up Prominence subjects.

User Preferences

  • Accessible from within any module (not currently the dashboard).

  • Saving these preferences makes setting up media targeting, distribution and monitoring much quicker and easier. There are many preferences that each user can apply to their profile, with some highlights shown below.

Apply default filters for your targeting searches, for example if you focus on a specific country or language.

graphical user interface, application

Set a filter on Targeted Lists to show only those that you created and work with.


Set defaults for the headers and footers of your email distributions.

graphical user interface, text, application, email

Various filters applicable to Monitoring, Topics, Subscriptions, Alerts Briefings and Reports

Including the ability customise the default colours of your Media Monitoring Reports.

For help with setting your user preferences, or with any other Agility feature, contact the Agility Support team at any time.

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