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How do I measure the Prominence of my media mentions?
How do I measure the Prominence of my media mentions?
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Agility now gives you the power to measure and report on the quality of your coverage, by generating a prominence rating for each saved media mention.

Prominence is derived by Agility from the positioning and frequency of your keywords within articles. There is also a prominence chart in reporting that takes into account the media types that contain your mentions. This enriched data provides you with media insights that can be used in your monitoring reporting and analytics.

For example, you will easily be able to display what percentage of your coverage rates highly for prominence, keyword by keyword. You can also filter by prominence, allowing you to focus on content with highly prominent mentions of your keywords.

As well as enabling you to review each mention for prominence, and isolate batches of coverage according to prominence, we have added two new prominence measurement charts to Agility reporting, Coverage Prominence Trend and Coverage Prominence Overview.

Please remember:

  • Prominence will only be measured for saved mentions.

  • Prominence will only be measured for your specificied prominence keywords, not all topic searches.

The first step is to make sure the Prominence feature is switched on in your account. If it is not, then alongside any saved mention you will see the following message in blue. Agility Support can switch it on for you upon request.

Once it is switched on, to set up Prominence Analysis you can click the blue wheel on the right of the Mention Prominence section (highlighted above) or by going to Account Preferences at the top of the screen.

Each account can set up to 5 Prominence Subjects, each containing one or more keywords.

Best practice is

  • To use a very small number of keywords per subject.

  • Split up keywords into separate subjects if you wish to compare their prominence or see a specific prominence for each keyword.

In the below example, saved mentions will display the prominence of the keywords SpaceX or Starlink. They will also show the prominence of ANY of the keywords Blue Origin, Vigin, ULA or Rocket Lab, or the combined score if they all feature in a mention.

Once you have entered your Prominence Subjects, Agility will review them automatically and apply the rating to them. This may take several hours, depending on the amount of mentions and subjects.

Saved mentions containing your keywords will now begin to display Mention Prominence. In the below example, the keywords under the SpaceX Brand and SpaceX Starlink subjects are very highly prominent, and those under SpaceX Rockets are high.

You can now begin to isolate mentions according to their prominence.

You can also use prominence charts to show the coverage prominence over time...

and report on the breakdown of your entire saved coverage according to prominence.

In this Coverage Prominence chart, the prominence of your mentions within articles is shown on the vertical axis, while the prominence of the outlets that your mentions appear in is shown on the horizontal axis.

You are shown what percentage of your total mentions achieved each type of coverage (niche, notable, prevalent or leader - definitions can be found by hovering over the squares).

If you have several subjects, you can compare them alongside each other.

You can click to view the mentions behind prominence charts, allowing you to focus on the group of mentions of interest to you at that time.


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