Agility enables you to create briefings either by manually curating your selected mentions, or by setting up an automatic collection of all mentions.

To find out how to manually create a briefing, click here:
How do I create a briefing containing my monitoring results?

To create an automated brief firstly ensure that you have set up a topic.

Getting started

Click on New Briefing. You will get the following pop up, asking you to select a template. There is only one system template now, but more will follow soon. You can also select a saved template (once you have one saved) or copy a past briefing.

Using Quick Create option

You can use ‘Quick Create’ which enables you to specify the sources, date range and section/mention organisation for your briefing quickly.

Constructing a New Automated Briefing (without Quick Create)

1. Start by giving your briefing a name on the top right.

2. You can choose to add any of the following components to your brief to brand it.

5. Click on Automatically add coverage.

6. Complete the following components in the pop up window and click ADD

7. The automatic briefing component has been added to the brief template.

8. Select Mention Display Settings to choose what information you would like shown against each mention


Once you have saved a briefing, you will see the option to save as template at the bottom of the screen. You will then get the option to use it next time.

Saved templates retain all the settings that you apply – sections, layout, custom style, filters, metadata etc.

Saved coverage sections are saved but the mentions themselves are not kept. Automatic coverage sections do retain the topics applied to them, which can be swapped if required in the new briefing.


  1. Complete the Delivery options for your automated brief.
  2. Specify your scheduling for the automated brief select Recurring.
  3. Click on start
  4. Tick the I agree box and click on Agree and send

To receive more than one recurring briefing per day simply click the plus symbol next to the time setting and select the times at which you’d like your subsequent briefings to be delivered.

To edit your recurring briefing at any time, simply pause it, make the changes and start it again.

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