After setting up your topic search criteria and searching for results, you have several ways to further refine your results through various filter options seen at the top of your results page.  Enter or choose your filter and click "Apply."

Agility initially searches for mentions of your keywords for the last 24 hours by default, but you have the option to expand the date range or enter a custom date to expand your search. 

Show: You can choose to show 25, 50, 100, or 200 clips per page

FILTERS: Click on the filter icon to select through various filter options to refine your search.  

Keywords: Search for any clips containing any specific keyword(s) within your results page. This is specially useful if you are monitoring various keywords within a topic.  Enter your keyword in the search box field, hit enter, and click "Apply."

Authors and Outlets: Give you the list of authors and outlets in your results organized from the top with the most mentions.  The numbers across each author and outlet correspond to the number of mentions associated with the author or outlet.

Audience: Set a minimum and/or maximum potential audience.

AVE: Advertisement Value Equivalency.  Set a minimum and/or maximum.

Sentiment: Applies to English, Spanish, and French content only.  Any articles written in language other than the ones mentioned will have a sentiment of "Not Available."

Media Types: Filter your results by different media types

Country & Prov/State: Filter your results by Geography  

Languages: Filter your results by languages

Similar: Group similar articles by turning Group "On" and clicking "Apply.  This action will "nest" identical online articles. Click "Hide" to remove duplicate articles and keep the one with the latest publication date.  This does not apply to print content.

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