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How to Set Up a Coverage Surge Alert
How to Set Up a Coverage Surge Alert
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A covergare surge alert will send an email to let you know if there has been a significant change in the volume, sentiment or impressions of your media mentions.

To set this up, go to Monitor > Coverage Alerts then click on New Coverage Alert at the top of the left-hand pane. Select Coverage Surge Alert.

In the right-hand pane, select the Topic, Subscription, Social Topic, or Theme you’d like to monitor for spikes or changes.

Then specify the Surge Metric. You can monitor for a change in the volume of mentions, impressions, or sentiment.

Next, specify the Alert Sensitivity.

The alert thresholds are calculated by comparing the average hourly Mention Volume against the previous 7 days.

The sensitivity setting is a percentage of this 7-day average. An increase in the average number of mentions, impressions or sentiment can be tracked by setting the alert sensitivity above 100%. Setting this to 150% for example will trigger the surge alert when it finds 50% more mentions compared to the previous 7-day average.

You can click on the link for Check Against Previous 7 Days to get a sense of the volume trend and what set off the surge alert.

You can then set the Cool Down period which is the minimum amount of time between alert notifications. After an alert notification has been sent, no additional alert notifications will be sent for the specified time-frame.

Your Delivery Options allow you to specify who the alert is coming from and going to. When your chosen coverage source meets the criteria to trigger a surge alert, recipients will receive an email describing the surge.

Once you have filled in all fields, save the draft and give the Surge Alert a name.

Once saved, Activate the alert to get it started.

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