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Multi-Factor Authentication for Account Security
Multi-Factor Authentication for Account Security
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Agility offers all account holders the ability to apply extra security to their accounts, using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

If this is something you would like to apply to the users of your account, please inform the Agility Support Team - live chat is the quickest way to achieve this.

It is possible to make MFA optional or required - so either each user can make the personal choice, or you can insist that every user has MFA. The authentication methods are email or mobile.

Optional Multi-Factor Authentication -
If you make MFA optional, users will find the ability to set this up in their own accounts under User Preferences. Each user can add their own new authentication methods, either email or mobile.

Required Multi-Factor Authentication -

If MFA is required, each user will receive an email instructing them to set up their authentication.

Once MFA has been set up, when a user logs into Agility they will be sent an authentication code to their chosen method, email or mobile.

Use the code to complete the sign in.

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