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Your New Agility Dashboard
Your New Agility Dashboard
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Agility's new dashboard allows you to customise the display that greets you in Agility, pulling in all of the information that your media targeting, distribution and monitoring is generating.

Depending on the Agility services you subscribe to, there are some default charts that you will see on your new Agility dashboard, similar to our previous offering.

These will provide a recent summary of your recent targeting activity, email distributions and a summary of your email report statisitics. If you have monitoring, you can also see the recent activity across your topics.

New to the dashboard is the ability to add many more charts to the view.

You will also see links to the Agility Help Center, New in Agility and our PR Resources more prominently.

  • Within the dashboard, simply click 'Add Chart' from the bottom left-hand of your screen, and your are presented with the selection that is appropriate to your Agility service (Outreach, Monitoring, or both).

  • Make your selection and then customise to display exactly the information you need to see.

  • Once you have added your chart, you can expand and reposition them as you wish.

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