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Switching to TV Eyes for broadcast media monitoring - FAQs
Switching to TV Eyes for broadcast media monitoring - FAQs
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  • The instructions for setting up a subscription to monitor TV Eyes broadcast media content are here.

During March 2023, Agility will be switching our broadcast media monitoring exclusively to TV Eyes.

An email outlining the reasons and objectives for this switch was sent to our customers by Pragya Dubey, VP Global Services. If you wish to discuss this with anyone at Agility, please contact us through Agility Support or your Account Manager.

Your monitoring searches have been updated by Agility Support to generate TV and/or radio content from TV Eyes.

So you should continue to see broadcast media content in your topics. The instructions for generating new searches using subscriptions are linked to at the top of this article. We are more than happy to support you or run you through a quick training session to make sure you are comfortable.

Some clients that were previously receiving broadcast monitoring content from Critical Mention through Agility may have some questions.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

What happens to my saved Critical Mention videos?
Unfortunately you will not have access to this content. However, TV Eyes does offer a back search so we may be able to retrieve content for you. Please contact us to let us know what you need.

How are the reach and publicity value calculated?
Audience data is divided into three types of data: Local Viewership, National Viewership and Cable Viewership. In the US, TV Eyes uses Nielsen for TV/Radio viewership/listenership and SQAD for publicity. Elsewhere (UK, Canada and Australia), TVEyes uses market research in order to determine Reach Value Data for major television and radio outlets.

Why is TV Eyes' speech to text technology better?
TVEyes is the only broadcast montoring company with it's own speech to text technology and dedicated in-house Lab, TVEyes Technology Labs. Our proprietary technologh utilizes AI in areas such as speech recognition and language identification, as well as continuously improving 30+ langauge models with frequent updates, enhancements and customer input.

Once a clip is archived do I have access to listen to and view those clips in perpetuity?
Yes this is correct, for as long as you are an Agility customer.

What if I need a downloaded copy of a clip?
TVEyes clips are for internal review, analysis and research only. Any editing, reproduction, distribution, publication, broadcast, public showing, public display or placement on any website may violate copyright laws. In order to adhere to copyright licenses and also protect our partners and their customers against misuse, TVEyes provides archiving functionality in place of downloads.

Does TV Eyes cover Fox?
Video is not available for Fox News and Fox Business. They do not license video content to any broadcast monitor. That said, transcripts are still available and will be surfaced in search results.

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