Integrating Google Analytics with your PR measurement data in Agility Reporting helps you see when your media coverage drives visitors to your website.

You can display coverage and event impact and referral trends, which help you to prove the impact of PR, learn from impact coverage, and dig into sources of traffic.

All of the charts can be included in an interactive shareable report, in the same way as any other shareable reports.

How to connect to Google Analytics

Click on the Account button at the top-right of your Agility screen, and the option for Data Connections is found under Content Management. Go to this first.

Select New Data Connection and complete the fields. Full instructions on how to connect a data source can be found here

Creating your charts

There are four chart types available, Coverage Impact Trends, Referral Trends (web, social and email), Top Referral Sources and Top Social Referrers.

In a Coverage Impact Trend chart, you can add the data from an Agility topic, folder, tag, tag group or social subscription. This is your metric for media coverage. Your Google Analytics data will be drawn from the data connection(s) you have added.

You can add any events to your chart, either an email or newswire distribution that you used Agility to release, or a custom event such as a PR campaign launch or action.

This will generate your report, showing media coverage alongside website pageviews, sessions, users and any events you have added.

You can hover over specific dates in the chart and visit the mentions that drove peaks in the coverage.

A referral trend chart will display referrals to your website from web, social and email, and you can also add your events to this chart. Top Referral Sources and Top Social Referrers charts will display the top sources of referrals by sesssions or new and returning users.

chart, bar chart

Used either in isolation, and especially alongside your other Agility reporting charts, the Google Analytics integration further allows you to show the impact of your PR activities, see which stories move the needle for your organization's web traffic, and to focus on your most impactful activities.

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