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Q&A: Agility's New Outreach Modules
Q&A: Agility's New Outreach Modules
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To read 10 things that are new in Agility click here.

Email Distribution

Where has the option to upload a Word document into an email distribution gone?
Users familiar with Agility may be used to browsing in Word documents to generate the content of their emails. This will no longer be supported in Agility’s new distribution tool, as it does not serve our client's best interests, and we are replacing it with more effective ways of designing and formatting content that delivers emails supported by as many email clients and devices as possible. We do not recommend using Microsoft Word for creating HTML emails due to all of the non-standard HTML that Word uses, which isn’t supported by many email clients.

Most email opens happen on mobile (43% on mobile, compared to webmail at 36% and desktop at 19%) and 80% of readers delete an email if it doesn’t look good on their mobile device. Agility has a library of mobile-friendly templates and now provides a device preview option to see what an email is likely to look like on a range of devices. You can achieve better reach by optimizing the viewing experience for users on different email clients and device sizes. You are able to create text and image components in an email, and alternate the two for images in between two blocks of text. Agility also continues to support attachments. If users do want to copy content from Word and paste it into Agility, formatting from Word that’s incompatible with mobile devices is automatically removed.

Can I change the footer information in my press release?
Yes, this information is now almost all customizable. You can read about setting up an email distribution here.

How many emails do I have available?

Go to Amplify+ > Email Distributions > Distribution Dashboard. If you need to, click "Get More Recipients" and agree to the terms. The additional emails will automatically be added to your account for immediate use.

Where are the email reports I had in my previous Agility platform?

We are able to migrate saved searches and targeted lists from the original version of Agility to your new platform, but not email distribution reports. This is why we have allowed users several weeks notice to export any reports that they think they will need in future. Once we close your original account, we can re-open it if you decide you need something from it.

Media Contacts

What do the badges on contacts' profiles mean?

Within a set of search results, you will see several contacts that have badges on their profile previews, shown in the top right corner to signify if they are new, updated with new information, newly employed or longstanding. A definition of each of those terms can be found here.

What are Saved Searches for?
A saved search will save all of your search criteria, so that the next time you look at the results you will be shown an up-to-date set of contacts that match that criteria. The idea is that each of your targeted lists has at least one search corresponding to it - the search results present all of the potential contacts for your review, your lists are for you to save only the contacts you want to form part of your outreach. Crucially, Agility now enables you to use a set of search results to see which contacts are already on your lists, and which contacts are new to the database.

Where is the quick search box and keyword search?
The Quick Search and Keyword Search features are integrated into the main search page. You can even combine an Agility subject search and a keyword search to generate the most accurate results based on the beats and published content of each journalist. You can also now use an exclude option on any search filter.

How do I add my private contacts to Agility?
You can use Agility to store and distribute to your own private contacts, and combine with them with Agility contacts on your targeted lists. Instructions on how to do so are here.

Where do the figures for Audience Reach in Discover come from?
This article handles this question.

What are Influencer Streams?
Agility's Influencer Streams allow you to track what journalists are saying in real time on traditional and social media. To learn how to set this up, read this short article.

What are media markets?

Agility uses media markets in a similar way to how DMAs are used to describe broadcast audiences in the USA. Currently, these only apply to US outlets. For a full summary, click here.


How do I share my lists and other work with my colleagues?
In the new version of Agility, all content will be available to all users on an account automatically.

Why are there so many lists and saved searches in my account now?
All content on your account is visible to all users, so you may see more than you are used to seeing. We have migrated all saved searches and targeted lists which were created by active users or tagged to active users.

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