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10 things that are New in Agility Outreach
10 things that are New in Agility Outreach
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This is an attempt at a summary of the most notable differences you will find when you begin to use Agility’s new targeting and outreach platform. It is by no means exhaustive but we hope that it helps you to make the most of the fantastic new possibilities in Agility.

1. There’s a lot less clicking from screen to screen required! Whenever you are working on anything, you’ll have left- and right-hand panels visible, each allowing you to check additional information without leaving your main focus of attention. Loading times are also much faster.

2. The Quick Search and Keyword Search features are integrated into the main search page. You can even combine an Agility subject search and a keyword search to generate the most accurate results based on the beats and published content of each journalist. You can also now use an exclude option on any search filter:

3. You can now search by job title as well as job role. So, if someone is called Head of Content, you can search for them by that title, or any other job title that any contact has dreamed up for themselves.

4. The search results screen shows you which contacts have been recently added, updated by Agility’s research team, and which have switched employments or been a longstanding contact. All of these are filterable by date so you can work to your own timeframe and make sure you’re aware of what has changed in Agility’s database since you last updated your lists.

5. You can easily see which contacts are already on your targeted lists, and easily add the ones that are not, all within one screen.

6. Expandable contact profiles are accessible without losing sight of your list of contacts, and they are full of additional information and links to similar contacts.

7. Agility’s monitoring power is integrated with targeting to give you access to recent coverage and social feeds, and the ability to filter by keywords, media types and more.

8. Agility’s email distribution tool has been modernised, no longer relying on users to browse in Word documents.

9. Users now have the ability to customize the entire footer of distribution emails.

10. We now have the ability to view a set of search results on a map.

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