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How to find and understand an email distribution report in Agility
How to find and understand an email distribution report in Agility
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As soon as you have sent an email distribution from Agility, statistics will begin to be returned for you to review. It is ideal to wait 24 hours in order for all recipients of your email to see and act upon your email, and for the reports to achieve a lasting accuracy. However, you will see some statistics begin to return very quickly.

To find an email distribution report, go to Amplify > Email Distributions. On the left hand side you will see all of your distributions and their status. Any that have the status Sent will have reports available.

You can also access your Distribution Dashboard which will illustrate your email consumption over time and give you the option of purchasing more if you need to. Within an account’s Distribution Dashboard, users can review account statistics for any time period. Each statistic is explained with information points, and if any component hits a certain threshold, tips on how to improve your email success rates are shown.

By clicking on to a sent distribution, you are immediately taken to the report:

Open and Click Tracking are enabled by default, but you do have the option to switch them off when you send an email. If you leave Open Tracking on, your email will include an invisible, one pixel image at the end, which enables us to track your email opens. If the email recipient has images enabled on their email client then an open event is logged. It's worth remembering that some recipients will have read and opened your email without enabling images, so your open rate is likely to be an underestimate.

When using this service customers often ask the difference between a unique open versus an open. A unique open is logged only the first time a given recipient opens the email whereas normal opens are logged for all opens of the email in question.

You are given the option of applying Apple Mail Privacy Protection Estimates to your reporting. These are explained more fully here, and should be understood as offering the ability to more accurately report your email distribution statistics for emails sent to Apple Mail users.

The Performance panel allows you to review the performance of the email overall and, by clicking on Recipients, to analyse how each person acted upon your email:

By clicking on of the categories shown, the contacts that fall into each category are displayed on the right hand side. All of the targeted list building functions are available, so you can filter by the contact attributes and add to any existing or new lists.

You can also select a batch of contacts directly from within your email distribution report and add them to a new or existing draft email distribution. For example, if you wanted to follow up with people that you could see had opened your original email.

Composition reminds you of the content of the email sent.

Throughout the report, information points explain what is meant by the terms Open Rate, Click Rate, Click Through Rate and Undelivered.

By clicking Export, you immediately download the data on opens and clicks into Excel.

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