As soon as you have sent an email distribution from Agility, statistics will begin to be returned for you to review. It is ideal to wait 24 hours in order for all recipients of your email to see and act upon your email, and for the reports to achieve a lasting accuracy. However, you will see some statistics begin to return very quickly.

To find an email distribution report, go to Amplify > Email Distributions. On the left hand side you will see all of your distributions and their status. Any that have the status Sent will have reports available. You can also access your Distribution Dashboard which will illustrate your email consumption over time and give you the option of purchasing more if you need to.

By clicking on to a sent distribution, you are immediately taken to the report:

The central panel allows you to review the performance of the email overall and, by clicking on Recipients, to analyse how each person acted upon your email:

By clicking on of the categories shown, the contacts that fall into each category are displayed on the right hand side. All of the targeted list building functions are available, so you can filter by the contact attributes and add to any existing or new lists

Composition reminds you of the content of the email sent.

Throughout the report, information points explain what is meant by the terms Open Rate, Click Rate, Click Through Rate and Undelivered.

By clicking Export, you immediately download the data on opens and clicks into Excel.

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