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If you assign subject coverage to your private contacts, they can be found by a subject search on Agility. You can do this either when you create private contacts individually or when you edit a contact already in your private list.

This article explains how you can add private contacts


In Discover, go to your Targeted Lists then click into the ALL PRIVATE CONTACTS. Locate the contact you want to edit either by scrolling through the list of contacts or by doing a search for their name.

Once found, hover your mouse over their name then click on the pencil icon on the lower right.

In the Edit Private Contact page, scroll down and find the Subjects field.

You can type in a subject and then select one from the presented options.

Or you can click on Browse All to view the complete list of controlled Subjects and select the appropriate ones from there.

In the pop-up window, you can either scroll down the list and click into the major subjects to locate the specific one you need then select it. You can also type into the keyword search window to see a list of available and related subjects you can use.

Once, you have assigned subjects to your private contacts, they can be found by a subject search.

When setting up the search, just make sure to include Private Contacts.

If you filter the search results by Status and select only Private Contacts, you can check for the private contacts who were found by your subject search.

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