Adding my own details to Agility contacts:

In any profile, hover over actions and select Add details.

You can add any details that you have on the contact or outlet. Your information will be kept private to you, indicated by a shield next to your entry.

If you want to make your own details the preferred method of communicating with them, as opposed to the details provided by Agility, hover over your preference and set as preferred.

You can also add your own private notes to all contacts.

There are a couple of options to add private contacts. You can add them one by one, or bulk import them from a .csv file.

Adding contacts One-by-one:

To add your own private contact to Agility, please follow the two easy steps below:

Step 1. Go to Discover>Private Contacts>Create Contact:

Step 2. Add the contact's first name, last name, and email. Please note these three fields are required. Supply other contact information, if you have them. You can choose to directly add the contact to a new or existing list if you wish to. Then, click 'Create Contact' at the bottom of the form and you're done!

Please note that when the system detects a possible match against the full name or email address of the contact you are trying to add, you will be prompted with a matching contact on the right-hand panel. Click expand at the bottom-right corner to preview the contact details or the person icon to add the contact to a list.

Adding contacts through Bulk Import:

Agility’s import tool makes it easy to work with lists created outside of the platform, whether you have been maintaining them yourself outside the system or you are moving them from a different service.

Preparing the Excel data file

  • The Excel file MUST contain the three mandatory columns of First name, Last name, and Email address in order for the import to process successfully. Other columns can also be included (e.g. Telephone no., Outlet name, Social handles, etc.) but are not mandatory.

NOTE: If you do not have the first name and last name, then you can put in dummy data under these fields i.e. First name 1, First name 2, Last name 1, Last name 2, etc.

  • Save the excel spreadsheet as a CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv) file.

The import process

Step 1. Go to Discover > Private Contacts > Import Contacts then follow the prompt.

Step 2. Once uploaded, the system will try to map the header information in your CSV file and give you a data preview for your review.

Then on the right-hand panel of your screen is where you can decide whether to:

  • upload more lists (you can upload up to 10 CSV files in one go)

  • create a new list or select which lists you want these contacts added to

  • and enter an email address to send your import reporting to (the system takes the username by default as the send-to email address for this process)

Click "Import" at the bottom of the form and you're done!

You can reach us via the chat service or send an email to for assistance.

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