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Can I export my list to a Microsoft Excel file?
Can I export my list to a Microsoft Excel file?

How to export your list to a .csv formatted document

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Agility has the option to export your lists to a CSV file. This gives you the ability to gather and manipulate data outside of our software. You will be able to export any of your lists once they are saved within Agility.

You will first need to navigate to the area of Agility where all your saved lists are located. Your saved lists are found under the "Discover" tab across the top. Exporting contacts can be done either from a Saved Search or a saved Target List.

Simply click into the list that you would like to export. This will show all contacts associated with the selected list. There will be a checkbox beside each contact that is displayed. The checkbox must be checked in order to have the ability to export the contact. You will not be able to export any data unless you have specified which contacts by using the checkbox.

Clicking on the top-most checkbox will give you the option to select everyone on the list.

The option to export will now be available within the orange Actions dropdown. Choose the action "Export" then click on Next.

You will then have the ability to choose exactly what data will be included as part of the export. Select the fields you want to include in your export by checking the checkbox next to each field name.

In this window, you can also specify the name of your export file.

Ticking the Include Lists option will add a field showing all the target lists in which each contact appears.

When you are happy with your selection and filename, click on Export to download a CSV file to the default download location on your PC. This will only take a moment to be completed.

You will now have access to your list in the form of an Excel file.

Important Note: There is a limit to the number of contacts you can export at one time. This is initially established when you sign up with Agility. Therefore you can only download a list if the number of selected contacts is within the number of exports allowed by your account.

In some cases, Agility does restrict the ability to export data altogether. You can reach us via the chat service or send an email to to discuss this.

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