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Add missed online mentions to Agility using a browser extension.

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Agility offers a browser extension that connects to Monitoring so you may add online articles to your Agility account which may have been missed for one reason or another.

For a long-term solution to missed articles, please reach out to our Support Team by chat, email (, or phone (NA: +1-888-270-4776,
EMEA: (+44) 0800 917 7551). Our Support Team will work to have the source website added to our Monitoring.

As an immediate solution, while our Support Team is investigating options to have the source website monitored, you can manually "snapshot" the mention into Agility using our browser extension. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the browser extension and log in with your username and password.

  2. Navigate to a web page with content that you would like to save as a mention.

  3. Highlight content that you would like to map, such as an article headline.

  4. Right-click your mouse and select "Agility PR Solutions Snapshot" from the menu. A sub-menu will display the available fields to map for each mention, along with the ability to preview, reset, and send mentions to Monitoring.

  5. In the sub-menu, click the option you would like to map (e.g. Headline). A message will flash confirming that your content was successfully mapped to the mention.

  6. Continue mapping fields until you are satisfied with the mention. Fields with a star (*) are mandatory.

  7. To preview and edit the mention before send, click Preview/Send from the sub-menu options, or press ALT-M on your keyboard to open the Mention Preview window. Confirm that your fields are mapped with the correct information. You can also save edits and/or go back to the web page before saving your mention.

  8. Before submitting your mention, confirm that you understand the Terms and Conditions, then click Save. Your mention will then be added to a folder in your account named "Snapshot Mentions," and also viewable in All Saved Coverage.

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