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Publication impressions, audience reach, circulation and AVE
Publication impressions, audience reach, circulation and AVE
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(NB - Agility’s AVE metric is now available in currencies from around the world. Users can update their preferences, and from then on all instances of AVE will be presented in their chosen currency.)

Agility PR Solutions’ publications value overview:

Agility PR Solutions’ database hosts an incredibly large variety of data on an array of publications, news outlets and other media sources such as websites, blogs, broadcast stations, magazines, and newspapers.

Agility PR Solutions consistently evaluates its publication and outlet data to ensure the utmost reliability, and publications are consistently reviewed by Agility PR Solutions’ team of media experts.

Here is the methodology used by Agility PR Solutions for arriving at the impressions, audience reach and ad value of publications.

Print publications

Circulation values for daily and community newspapers as received from the publications’ media kit is taken for the reach of print publications. Full page ad rate is used for Ad value calculations for an individual article. Agility then uses the publications ad rate and applies it to the length of the article for which the ad rate is being calculated.

The formula used for print AVE calculation:

The publication’s ad rate per word X the number of words in the article


Magazine data is derived from the publications’ rate cards and publicly available circulation information. The full-page ad rate available from the media kit is used for the ad value calculations of an individual article using the same formula as the print AVE calculation.

Broadcast publications

Agility PR Solutions provides audience reach values and advertising rates for leading radio and television stations.
For smaller stations or stations where no data is available, an estimated value is provided based on similar reference stations.
Both the audience reach and publicity value (or ad value) for broadcast stations is provided by broadcast vendors directly. In the event that the vendors do not provide the reach and/or ad value for any clip, Agility sources the average reach and ad value for that station using publicly available information, or using trend data of similar profile station that is available.

Online publications

The monthly unique visitor value is taken to be the reach of an online website. Agility sources this data from similarweb, an industry standard for monthly unique visitor values.
Ad value for online clips use a standard $25 per CPM (cost per thousand) ad rates. This rate is based on internal research that spanned hundreds of websites, to average their corresponding ad values (as online advertising gains ground in popularity and demand, these numbers are constantly evaluated). The final ad value of an online
clip is based on the reach value of the clip.

The formula used for online AVE calculation:
Std. Ad rate ($25) X Average daily visitor reach per thousand (CPM)

Example: for a website that has an average daily visitor reach of 100,000 the AVE will be:
$25 X 100,000/1,000 = $2,500

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