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How Can I Search My Saved Coverage?
How Can I Search My Saved Coverage?

How to search saved mentions in your Agility account.

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In Agility, you can save mentions to your account in order to keep them available for reporting and reference beyond the standard 12 month retroactive search. If you do this regularly, you are likely to have a large number of saved mentions, so it is useful to organise them into folders if you need to keep them organised. Agility also provides the option to search your saved coverage, so you can easily find the mentions that you have previously identified as useful to you.

To search saved coverage, select the Search Saved Coverage option when creating a new search:

The search is conducted against the content in the mention, as well as any summary or notes that you have made in the mention. For example if you have made a note to 'Follow up' on a set of mentions, you can search 'Follow up' and return the mentions with that in the notes. If you want to search within specific folders or tags, make that selection under the social media types on the right hand side.

The search and presentation of results works in the same way as a search for new coverage, with results only showing previously saved mentions. The right hand panel will display information about folders and tags applied to the mention, plus the AVE, audience reach etc. You can elect to save the mention in a new or different folder, export it, or tag it differently.

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