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How do I customize my Briefings?
How do I customize my Briefings?

Format and update the style of your Briefing components.

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In Agility you can create and customize Briefings with very specific formatting and styles using the Briefing customization tools available. Customizing your Briefings allows for more professional and personalized briefs that can reflect the style, color, and unique branding of a company or campaign. You can also share a draft of the briefing with a collague before you publish it, by using the reserved URL.

To begin, create a new Briefing (choosing from the available standard templates, or your own saved templates), or copy a past Briefing.

Once you have selected the template or past Briefing, you can create the Briefing right away, or use the "Quick Create" option (allowing you to setup initial data, mentions, and organization) to begin the process of customizing your Briefing.

From the main "Briefing Settings" screen (as indicated by the first "blue icon" on the top right of the interface), you will have access to each of the sections and components to edit and customize by hovering over the top right-hand-side of that section and clicking the "pencil icon"

This will open a section editor on the right-hand-side that allows you to update and customize the text, style, font, spacing, and color scheme of that particular component. To confirm the changes, click the "APPLY" button on the bottom right.

Note that you can select a specific color by clicking the "color square" and using the "color picker" slider menu to find the particular color you are looking for. Alternatively, you may input a distinct "HEX" or "RGB" code into the corresponding boxes (this can be useful for replicating the exact branding scheme for a product or company for example).

Once you have updated the formatting to your preferences, you also have the option of saving that particular customized section as a "saved style" that can be used as a template for formatting future sections. To do so, click the "save icon" on the top right of the section editor. This will open a menu where you can save the new style or update an existing one with your new formatting.

You can then access your saved styles by choosing them from the "Content Block Style" drop-down menu located at the top of the section editing tool.

Customizing the Mention Display Settings
Go to the section settings area on the right-side panel (wrench icon), and scroll down to the mention styles settings to choose what information you would like shown against each mention. Here, you can again customize the look of your briefing, making changes to fonts, point size, color, etc.

You can elect to include a snippet of the article to accompany the clickable headline, and accompany that with a selection of Metadata. Your briefings can also highlight the keywords that generate your media coverage mentions. So, when you and your colleagues receive your daily email briefings, you will instantly be guided to the mention of your company, representative, product etc.

Optionally, you can select the "Notes" box to display any notes you have added to individual mentions ahead of time, and further customize how these are displayed.

You may also add additional components to your Briefing by selecting the "table of contents" component or additional image, text, date, and title boxes from the "Briefing Components" section. After adding-in these additional sections, you can customize them with the editing and formatting tools as explained earlier.

Finally, you may choose to customize your Briefing components all in one place by selecting the "Briefing Customization" icon on the top-right panel (paintbrush icon). This will allow you to see and customize every current section of your Briefing from one interface.

To share a draft of an unpublished briefing, go to the foot of the briefing settings and click 'Publish Draft'. By sharing the Reserved URL you can give colleagues and stakeholders a preview of your briefing before it goes live. Reserved URLs are not generated for recurring briefings.

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