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How to Use Mailing Lists with Briefings
How to Use Mailing Lists with Briefings

How to use Mailing Lists to send Briefings to a list of contacts

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Mailing Lists make it easy to send your Briefings to a predefined set of recipients.


Clicking the gear icon will take you to a new window where you can create a new mail list. In the left-most column, click on “CREATE NEW LIST” to create and name your new list.

To add recipients to a mailing list, first make sure you have selected the list you want to work with. The middle column will show the contacts who are already included in the list. To add new contacts, you can select them from the right-most ALL RECIPIENTS column either by locating them using the search window or scrolling down the list and checking the tick box against their names. They will then be added to the RECIPIENTS IN LIST column.

You can add new contacts individually by clicking on CREATE NEW RECIPIENT or in bulk by selecting IMPORT RECIPIENTS.


This will let you input the name and email address of the contact you wish to add. When you’re ready, click on CREATE RECIPIENT to add them to your pool of contacts. They can then be selected and added to one of your mailing lists.


This lets you import a list of contacts from a .CSV file. Please note that the CSV file must include column headers in either of the following formats:

First Name, Last Name, Email


Full Name, Email

Click on BROWSE and locate the CSV file you want to import. A new window will open to show the names of the contacts from your CSV file. You can then select the names you want to import and either add them to an existing list or create a new one.

Click on CREATE RECIPIENTS to finish the import. Your new contacts will now be included in your contact pool and added to the mailing list you selected.


Once you have populated your Briefing account with mailing lists, you can quickly select and use them for your Briefing emails. In the Mailing List search box, you can type the name of a mail list you created previously or use the drop-down arrow to see all the available lists. Click on the Mail List name to select and use it for the Briefing.

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