Note: To serve different needs, Agility uses several providers and methods to deliver TV and radio content. To confirm which broadcast feed you have you can ask Agility Support or check the options in your search set up:

If your view gives you the option to 'Manage Subscriptions' above the Broadcast media types, you will need to set up a TV or radio subscription to monitor these media types in full. Please go to this article.

If your subscription includes broadcast monitoring, you can archive broadcast mentions within Agility which will remain available and playable beyond the expiration date (broadcast mentions are usually only available for 60 days after they air). With this ability, if you archive a mention within 60 days after it airs, you’ll have the playable video/audio for as long as you have access to your Agility account!

The default limit on archived mentions is 1,000, meaning you can have 1,000 broadcast mentions archived to your account at any given time. If you have any questions on this, or wish to add broadcast monitoring to your subscription, always feel free to reach out to your Account Manager and Client Success Specialist.

Here are the steps on how to custom archive your TV or Radio mention and capture the full segment. 

Step One: Once you find your mention, click into it to open the Wordplay Editor. 

Step Two: On the transcripts panel of your screen, highlight the start and end date based on how you gauge it from the transcripts.  Click on the starting text to set the start, then click the finishing text to set the end.  You can also click and drag the green (start) and red (end) markers through the text or along the play selection (under the video) to set the start and end.

Step Three: Play the video and ensure the mention is properly clipped for start and end time. The transcript often won't sync up perfectly with the video itself. If you find this is the case, simply set the start for when the mention begins in the video, and the end appropriately as well.

Step Four: When you're happy with your segmented mention, click "Archive", then follow the prompts. In the window below, you do not have to enter a name at this point (that comes in Step Five) but you must agree to the terms and conditions to continue. Once that box is checked, click "Archive" once again.

Step Five: Enter a name for the mention and click save:

Please note a custom archived mention cannot exceed ten minutes. If your mention is longer, simply follow this process to make two (or more) saved mentions covering the segment you wish to archive.

Finally, you can retrieve these mentions by going to Monitor > Saved Coverage and Folders. You can specifically filter for archived broadcast mentions by filtering to Media Type>TV, Radio and selecting "Archived Broadcast Only":

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